Keep your content fresh and consistent across multiple channels, both now and later…

Brad R. Edwards

Cross-channel content marketer for B2C brands.

Are you a B2C brand trying to do good in a world of sleazy snake-oil merchants? Do you have a product that’s going to make your customers’ lives easier, but find that you struggle to create content your audience finds and engages with?

Content marketing is a tricky thing, but not something that’s going to go away. You operate in a market where you need to be showing up everyday, consistently, sending out content that your customers are going to interact with.

And in a world populated by millions of freelance writers, and the arrival of an AI service that can churn out blogs and social media captions in minutes…

Content marketing will NOT be going anywhere any time soon.

So if you’re currently running a B2C business but not creating and distributing content on a regular basis…

Well, it needs to change – let’s put it that way.

However, a lot of people get it the wrong way around. They think that nobody reads blogs, and that social media is the only channel that they should be on.

If you’ve been creating content yourself, you’ll know that it’s so quick to burn out. Trying to think of posts for social media to last a month, a week even! You’ll run out fast.

By the time you’ve finished putting together a bunch of Instagram posts, you realise you’ve got to do the same for Twitter. So what do you do? You repeat the content, or flail and neglect the profile.

So what do I do to help you stop doing that and start using content and channels properly?

It goes blogs > socials. Every time.

When it comes to organic social media, everybody does the same thing. Spends tons of time ideating, copying, and outsourcing to people that have no idea about the business, and then churns out a bunch of unhelpful posts that serve nobody.

Organic social, most of the time, is about brand awareness and community-building.

So rather than keeping it, and burning out on one of the most fickle marketing channel you could pick…

You might as well repurpose what you’ve already got. Ie, blogs.

Now why are blogs a good pick, I hear you ask?

Well, blogs can help you with your SEO. More of your posts/pages will appear on Google, meaning more people will stumble across them. And if they’re good articles? Well, then you’re going to see even more people flocking in over time, particularly if you’ve got an SEO hiree working on your backlinks and the more nitty-gritty aspects of SEO.

Blogs require some effort, and cover topics related to your business or industry in greater depth. Not only does this help in terms of growing your business, but it means that they spawn multiple social media posts. The ideation has already been done, all that’s left is formatting and adapting the messaging to your chosen social media profile.

How can I help with this?

I’ve written SEO content for over 3 years. Having written as a freelancer for sites such as MakeUseOf and GameRant, I have extensive experience in providing articles that perform well on search engine page results, and hold the reader’s attention. As a marketer-by-day, I have worked with dozens of brands on their organic social media, helping to strategize, publish, and distribute their content across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, with month-on-month improvements over their analytics.

But not just the vanity metrics…

Real, engagement-based metrics. Improving month on month.

You’re going to want that for your business. Because when the impending content tsunami happens, you don’t want to be trapped in the wave.

You want to be surfing…well ahead.