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Web and social content writing that captivates your audience

Why do you need web and/or social content writing?

Your website is a digital asset. As with any asset, its value can increase or decrease in value over time.


You want it to be increasing. 


Content is one of the best ways to do that. It helps to keep your website current, both in the minds of your users and search engine crawlers.


Most users are not ready to buy when they first come across your brand. Whether it’s your socials or your website, chances are they want to see what you can offer that goes beyond the product/service they’re interested in.


If your website has helped them, they’ll leave with a good impression. They’ll either bookmark your website, or be more likely to click your search result in Google the next time they search for keywords you rank for.


On socials, they’ll give you a follow or a like if they enjoyed one of your posts, and wait for the algorithm to do its thing in serving them another one of your posts.


Users wait. And then they wait some more…


And then they buy.


If you use ads on your site, something as simple as a website click and some decent dwell time is all you need. 


If you offer products and services, you’ll need to be more patient.


But either way, you’re going to need content to get the overall goal of making money.


That means posts – whether on your website or on your socials. Constantly watering your digital gardens with relevant, helpful content that is undeniably better than the rest.


That’s where I come in.

You need an experienced web and social content writer

There are tons of web and social content writers around. You only need to take a look on socials or on job boards to see that.

But it’s one of those skills where the barriers of entry are super low, but the quality differs wildly.

The problem?

Everyone is doing that. They’re going to Fiverr, finding the lowest-priced content writer, hiring them, and ending up with crap content.

Content that sounds the same as everyone else.

Content that is surface level.

Content that ChatGPT could probably already write. And certainly could write within the next year or two.

What’s the point in that?

To truly stand out from the competition, to truly build up a connection with your audience and reflect the quality of your brand, you need a damn good content writer for that.

Why I'm your best content writer option

This is the part where I put my sunglasses on, throw up a peace sign, before waxing on with how I’m so great and everyone else isn’t and it’s all me me me.


But you gotta’ sell yourself, so here goes.


I’m bringing years of content writing experience to the table. Having written for various publications, the process is practically second nature to me at this point.


Researching, pitching, writing, editing – I’ve done this entire process for hundreds and hundreds of articles over the years.

Having worked with editors for years at these gigs, I’ve had direct, 1-1 experience in how to tighten my writing up. Frequently.

And the result?


Tens of thousands of total page views, the top result on Google for most of my pieces, and bucketloads of experience that can’t be replicated by ChatGPT nor Fiverr writers.


I’ve written shedloads of both Evergreen and Incidental pieces. 


If you need a piece that stands the test of time and just needs brief updates now and again – I’m your guy. 


If some news has broke in your industry and your brand would benefit from making content around it – I’m also your guy.


If you need articles from eons ago updated – I’ve done that more times than I can count too.


(I lost count quickly, because my mathematical skills are non-existent. Somewhere in a parallel universe, there’s a Brad with awesome mathematical skills dealing with a ChatGPT that excels in math – glad I’m not THAT guy)


In my 9-5, I’m a Marketing Manager at one of the highest-performing full-service digital agencies around.


Through my marketing roles, I have managed over 50 accounts. Handling their content marketing across:


  • Web pages
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Email

I have written hundreds of social media posts. When it comes to organic social media, most of the time the problem I see is that companies don’t pull from their existing blog content, instead creating content for the sake of it.


Everytime I’ve worked with clients where we adapted their web posts into social posts, they’ve outperformed purely original social media content.


But that means you have to tailor it.

What do I mean by that?

It’s all about user intent. 

On the web, you’re seeking information. You want to know more about a particular thing, or double-check how to do something, or maybe you just want to know about the web and social content writer you’re about to hire.

Either way, you’re actively pursuing a piece of content.

And how do you find it?

It depends on the keywords you search. How far through the search engine page results you’re willing to go. Whether you know of a website that has answered your queries conveniently, concisely, and enjoyably in the past.

That’s how a user looks at a piece of content.

This is how I look at a piece of content: is this the best piece of content available about the targeted keywords?

Copious amounts of caffeine and my favourite hip-hop playlist on repeat. I’ll save you the boring details of how I do that.

On socials, you’re looking for entertainment and/or value. Something to justify the scroll-stop. You’re in passive-mode, gently led to entertaining content based on what you’ve fed an algorithm.

So the process behind social content has to be different, to match the fundamental difference behind user intent.

You need to turn content that was information-seeking focused into scroll-stopping golden nugz.

It’s harder than it looks. But I do it all the time.

I’m also far more extroverted than 14-year-old Brad ever expected a great communicator, which helps me to bring more to the web and social content writing table.

Having managed the accounts of many clients for a marketing agency, I’ve been privileged to build a rapport up with many business owners. I’ve also been humbled enraged by a couple of them, but let’s not dwell.

In addition to my web and social content writing, I can also summarise how your content is performing over time. 

If you have nobody helping you in-house, I can explain your social and web analytics, recommending courses of action to improve based on content assessments, competitor analysis, and general performance of previous campaigns.

So even if you could fire up a ChatGPT prompt, then get one of your internal employees to edit it to a publishable version…

Even if you could find a Fiverr writer who can match me on content writing quality…

You’ll struggle to find a web and social content writer who can also explain what all the squiggly lines mean and effectively communicate to you what the plan should be.

I can.

And I’ll do it for the low low price of…

Web and Social Content Writing Packages

I love packages. Do you love packages?


They give you flexibility on what you want while also offering options on future, more advanced levels of work if you think we’re a good fit.


So here’s my packages:

Web Content Writing

Captivate your audience with researched, SEO-ready content suitable for your audience.

Social Repurposed

Turn your web blogs from information-seeking material into scroll-stopping social media posts.

Web and Social Content Writing

Cross-channel content marketing that makes your brand unignorable.

*Pay for 5 blog posts and get a 25 % discount.


Sound good? You can skip straight to booking a call.

What niches do I write in?

Niching is a tricky thing. Everyone should niche, but it doesn’t have to be on the most obvious type: industry.


I don’t like to niche on industry. I enjoy writing about many different topics and while I obviously can’t provide expert-level authority on all of them, this tends to matter less than people think it does.


The niches I have the most enjoyment and experience in are:


  • Technology (hardware, software) and its relationship with people
  • Social media and how it is used/impacts society
  • Marketing
  • Video games
  • TV shows and film
  • Music


However, I’ve written about law, arboriculture, iGaming/gambling, cannabis, alcohol, finance – loads of stuff.


Don’t worry about the niche/topic you’re asking me to write for. I do have preferences, but topics aren’t enough to put me off nor discount me.


I tend to prefer writing for B2C focused brands and publications. While I have (and do) write for B2B occasionally, there’s a clear favouring of B2C in the work I’ve done and am aiming for in the future.

What type of articles do I write?

There are many different types of articles. What you need depends on the purpose of the piece, but realistically you’ll benefit from a mixture:

  • Listicles; these are your classic Top 10s, 8 Reasons Why, 5 Ways To type of articles. These are my absolute bread and butter. Great for SEO, easy to consume, perfect articles to bolster your content.
  • How-tos; useful if your users commonly have questions about your product/service. Great for SEO, since an overwhelming number of users use Google to ask ‘how’ to do something. Helps your brand stand in users’ minds as “the one that helped”. Done lots of these, they always perform well.
  • Interviews; a great way to differentiate content from your competitors. You get an industry expert and ask them questions related to the topic and common user queries. With my experience as both a content writer and account manager – I’d be perfect for these.
  • Guides; how do you find X on this platform/game type of articles. Done a ruck of these, but doesn’t tend to be my most common style of writing.
  • Reviews; the latest episode of The Mandalorian dropped, and the only entertainment publication not reviewing it is you. Well, luckily for you I have written reviews since before I was even making an income as a content writer. EAGER to take more of these on.

As mentioned before, you need a variety of these. All of them serve different purposes but all are relevant to your overall content goals.

“Reliable, enthusiastic, and has successfully developed a social media marketing plan for my business. In particular; content writing and helpful video consultations for digital marketing."

David Winlo, Mapscape CEO


Marketing and content writing professional

Hey, I’m Brad, a Marketing Manager and Freelance Writer with a vast experience on content creation and SEO. In my spare time, I like to play video games, go for walks, keep up with the footy, and shoot some pool.

Need content creation and extras? I know a guy...

As you may have figured out, I’m something of a social butterfly. Working with so many different talented people in the field, I’ve cultivated a list of absolute professionals for an array of marketing services.


My LinkedIn is testament to how much of a core value of mine that networking and communicating is.


So if you need other services, as an add-on or in replacement of content marketing, I would be happy to refer you. 

Services I can refer you to experts for:


  • Web design & development
  • Technical SEO
  • LinkedIn ghostwriting for busy CEOs
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design

Look at the state of it!

Look at the state of it….


FREE Content Audit


Hey, before you go off and think, secure yourself a free-of-charge content audit


I’ll comb through your blog and social media content and make a report on the state of it. 


Think of it as a way to get some ideas on what I’d recommend for your content that you can take with you regardless of which route you choose for your content.


Let’s face it, ChatGPT will need all the help it can get.


Still not sure? Let’s have a chat and go through what you need.

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